More Rhode Island

I’m working on editing some photos from our trip to Rhode Island. I can tell such a difference between my old camera and my new camera already! I love it!

This is Mohegan Bluff on Block Island. There were 150 steps straight down and a beach at the bottom. Going down isn’t so hard, but going up when you’re ready to go home- that’s painful!

This is the Southeast Lighthouse on Block Island. I wanted to see a lighthouse before we left Rhode Island, so here’s my lighthouse.

The reception on Saturday was on Hope Farm, which overlooked the Bay. At sunset, this was just too pretty to pass up.

When we were in Boston, we visited Paul Revere’s house. That guy had like 14 kids living in the row house.
Matt’s parents on the ferry back from Block Island. They still love each other, after 32 years of marriage!

Matt’s parents in front of Marble House in Newport. These houses were insane, and to think they were only their summer cottages- millions on dollars for a house they lived in 8 weeks a year!!!

Matt and I rented a moped for an hour on Block Island, so we could get to the lighthouse and back in time to leave the island. It was fun.

Matt and I at the reception.

All the cousins- Sean and Courtney (whose wedding was the reason for our trip), Eric and Kristin, and Matt and me. Sean and Kristin’s mom is Matt’s dad’s sister, Aunt Judy.

Southeast Lighthouse in Block Island.

Matt and I on the Cliff Walk in Newport.

Matt and I at the end of Cliff Walk.

This is the Vanderbilt “Summer cottage” in Newport, the Breakers. HUGE and elaborate and ornate and beautiful. Great view of the ocean too.

Bridge in Boston.

I have narrowed the photos down to 187, and I’m editing each of them… time consuming to say the least!


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    Stephanie said,

    It looks beautiful there. I’ve never been to Rhode Island, but now I want to go… 🙂

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