As my crafting addiction has grown, I’ve found all kinds of new things to do and enjoy. I have checked out 4 books from the library and made a pair of pajama pants from one of the books. I’ve most recently signed up for several swaps! I signed up for a Christmas in July swap and was hooked up with Cathy in New York. She sent me several dishtowels with crocheted loops on the top, a beautiful crocheted baby blanket, and a gift card to Joanns! 🙂 So awesome.

I also signed up for an I-Spy Swap. Each person sends in 10 squares of 20 different fabrics. Then Meredith and Wendy mix them all up and send you back 200 individual squares of different novelty fabrics. You can put them together and made a quilt full of I Spy objects. I can’t wait to get the fabrics back!
I signed up for Something Made, Something to be made swap too. I have to make something for Bethany, my partner, and then also send something to be made into something else. I am working on her gifts, and I can’t wait to find out whether or not she likes them.
Finally, I signed up for Craft Hope, a great idea. She finds different worthy organizations and everyone makes something to help the organization. Project 2, in which I participated, sent blanket, booties, hankies, and other requested items to an orphanage in India. I sent a blanket, several hankies, and two pillowcases. I hope the kids enjoy them!
This is a great way to feed my addiction. My sister-in-law, Mandi and I have also decided all Christmas gifts are going to be handmade, so we are working on that too. I’ve got Bennett (my newest nephew), Grandma, Mom, and Brittany’s gifts planned, I just need to get working on them.
Pictures of crafting addiction coming soon.

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