Sling for Baby Bennett

My sister Michele had a baby in July and she really wanted a sling to carry him in without paying $50 and up for one. So I found instructions online at and bought fabric in the home decor section at Joanns and tried it out.

The instructions are SO easy and I finished it in about 30 minutes. I sewed the seam on the bottom of the sling really really tight, just to make sure it didnt fall apart. My sister came over to try it out and she loved it!

As you can see, Libby is almost 4 and she didn’t want to get out of the sling. She loved to have time to love on Mommy.

Bennett was like a kangeroo pup (what are they called?) in his little pouch.

And random photo for the day- when our family went to Hollywood, Fl for vacation, we hit up the outlet mall, which had a Barney’s outlet. My sister-in-law Mandi and I decided to try on shoes that we would never buy and tried to find the craziest shoes they had. These are Prada stilleto heels. I could barely walk in them but they were absolutely power shoes! The platform on the toe was about 3 inches at least and the heel was so high my foot was almost straight up and down. Do people really wear these?


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