What is PCOS, part 2

So that was March 30, the day I found out I had PCOS and started reading the book. I changed my diet, ate more protein and less carbs, and started taking Metformin, which will help regulate insulin. The hardest thing for me was sweet tea. I’m from the South, ya’ll, and Sweet Tea is constant at every meal. I was drinking a TON of tea, and thats a lot of sugar! I went 2 weeks of nothing but water and then when I started drinking other drinks I didn’t want tea because it was too sweet. If I allow myself to drink anything, I drink a 32 ounce water and then I’ll drink something else, and then another 32 ounce water.

I was free to start trying again in April and I found out I was pregnant again on April 17. I was sooo excited. I knew that God was working it all out and this baby was going to be fine. I told my parents, my in-laws, my siblings, and 4 of my best friends (we all grew up together) but didn’t tell anyone else. I decided I would tell my boss the day after my doctor’s appointment, which was April 29. The doctor performed an exam and said I was about 5-6 weeks along and everything looked fine. At my request she ordered a full hormone reading on my blood to make sure my hormones were where they should be and she gave me a progesterone cream prescription, just in case my progesterone was falling. She said that the first miscarriage was a fluke and was not going to happen again so don’t worry.

The next morning I spotted a little bit but I figured it was normal because of the exam the day before. Then after lunch I started bleeding hard- harder than I did the first time. I called my mom sobbing and she told me to go to the doctor and sit in the waiting room until they would see me. Within 5 minutes of arriving, they had me back with the doctor. They did a sonogram but couldn’t find anything at all and took blood. The urine test was negative for a pregnancy. I went home and was on bedrest that night.

They called the next morning and said my blood levels indicated that I had miscarried and they were so sorry. I remember laying in bed, crying. I was so sure that this baby was going to be fine and I didn’t know what to do next. I trust in God completely and I wanted my next step to be in faith and I was just lost. I still start to cry when I think about how lost I felt in that moment. Matt was at work and so I was home alone. I had filled my prescription for progesterone cream and used it for a week before I finally realized that it was not going to help and stopped. The good news was that the miscarriage was complete and I did not have to have a D&C.

I went back to see Dr. Armas the next week and he upped my metformin. He said that we won’t know what caused the miscarriage but he was sure we could keep going. He said when we were ready to try again, in at least 3 months, he would put me on Clomid, to regulate the hormones around ovulation. That makes me nervous because Kate Gosselin apparently used Clomid and I do not want sextuplets!

Right now we are taking a break from trying again. As you can see in an earlier post, we just celebrated our two year anniversary. My husband is studying to take the PCAT and start Pharmacy school, which he will finish in 2014. So for now, we are at peace to wait, the timing is right. But I still believe that God has the perfect child(ren) for us and they will come when He is ready for them to be here- hopefully one at a time, but we will take what God gives. I do not waiver in my faith or my hope in Christ Jesus.

If you thought you knew where God was taking you and you thought you knew His plan and it didn’t happen that way, don’t give up on God. Don’t give up on his mercies, his grace, his plan. Keep going and it will work together in a way you could never imagine. I believe that when I look at that baby one day, I will say that it was worth it to have that perfect baby in my arms.


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    Stephanie said,

    So inspiring to read about your faith in Christ. Thanks for sharing your story.

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