House projects I’m working on

I am hosting a get together with some friends I grew up with in three weeks, so I am trying to get some projects on my To-Do list accomplished before that night. First on my list is the horrible dining room chairs. We got the dining room table and 4 chairs from my Grandma. They were in her house when she moved in and she didn’t want them because the table is a glass top. I’m not too fond of glass tops either, but it was free and we were grateful. A new wood dining room table is on our list, but it falls underneath a new entertainment center and a few other big purchases, so I figured a recovering of the chairs was in order.







The second project is the cornice board for above our picture window in the living room. The window is 120” long and goes straight into the wall, so the options for window coverings are pretty small. I decided I wanted to make a cornice board and then hang the ugly curtain rods that dont have finials behind it.


Here is the cornice board so far. It has been built with plywood and covered in batting. I just have to cover it with the fabric and then my dad is helping us hang it.
*Note the coffee table from my Grandma’s shed being used as an entertainment center until we can find another one to fit the new television.


Here is a close up of the fabric for the cornice board (the brown floral) and the wall (light green) and the potential curtains. They are really pretty, kind of a silk material with lots of variations in the color. I got them on clearance for $7 a panel at Target because they were an online order someone returned in the store. My only concern is the green on green. In real life, not in computer land where colors aren’t accurate, the two greens compliment each other. I’m just wondering if I should try to pull out the yellow color from the floral.


Here is the wall next to the window, so you can see what else is going on.



What do you think about the curtain color?


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