What I’m Working on Wednesday

So much to do for November and December… crazy I tell ya! I’m working on so many things right now, so I want to organize my To-Do list here. I’m leaving on 11/24 for vacation for Thanksgiving, so everything has to be done before that!

– Mandi’s birthday present- I can’t say what it is yet, but it is due by 11/14

– Jonas’ birthday present- a Batman cape and a toy car take along- due by 11/15

– Cody’s first birthday shirt- due by 11/13

– Elijah’s birthday present- toy car take along- due by 11/17

– Aunt Pat and Aunt Pam’s birthday gifts- due by 11/17

– Lisa’s baby shower present- due by 11/14

– Josh & Jamie’s baby shower present- due by 11/23

– Anna’s baby present- due by 11/21

– Lawrita’s baby present- due by 11/24 for Mom to take to the family reunion

– My established sign- due whenever I can find the time!

– Mom’s Christmas table runner- due by 11/28 so she can decorate for Christmas with it right after Thanksgiving

Plus on 11/20, the supplies for my mom’s Christmas presents will be in and I will need to start working on those too, which will be a LOT!

This doesn’t even count Christmas. I’ve decided to focus on November projects before I think any more about December projects. Oh me oh my how time flies!


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