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Make room for baby!

We have been so busy getting ready for baby boy! My husband has done his fatherly duties and painted the stripes I wanted on the wall. He has also painted the changing table and crib that we bought at a yard sale.

This is my awesome IKEA lamp in front of the stripes on the wall.

While Matt is busy painting because *ahem* I’m not supposed to be breathing the fumes, I’ve been busy making little things for my baby boy.
Pee Pee Tee Pees- needed for boys only.

I ordered this material online and loved it so much. I tried to make a quilt with it. Since I only had 3 fat quarters, it turned into a little play may. Its not too big for him to use but it might be a good car blanket. We’ll see.

I LOVE this fabric. I made this little lovey with minkey on the back. ITs about 17” by 17” so its a pretty good size lovey. After I made it, I realized the baby blue MIGHT get dirty easily… oh well.

Nursing covers- more for me.

This is a bib with the guitar on it. So much fun! The other thing is a diaper pouch to carry in the diaper bag. What I loved about this tutorial was that its open on one end, so you can see how many diapers you have left.

This is the BEAUTIFUL map I found on etsy! This goes in little man’s nursery so he can begin to learn about the world.

And this is me at 25 weeks with my little man.

He’s kicking up a storm! Matt felt him kick for the first time on Father’s Day- what a cool present right? The doctor told me yesterday that I’ve gained in the first 6 months what I should’ve gained in the entire pregnancy. SO I have to start exercising. YUCK. But Matt is happy. We’ll see how that goes at my next doctor’s appt. If it hasn’t made a difference, then I will do that no more. I mean, seriously… exercising in the third trimester???


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Projects I’m working on

I’m working on several things, strewn over my living room… I cant wait until my sewing corner is finished!

1. Recovering my horrible ironing board. I got this ironing board when I was going to college and the padding is gone and its covered in gunk. So I picked out this material and I’m going to be covering it. Hopefully it will work better for me. Ignore the floor- it needs a good cleaning to shine properly. I’m using this tutorial

2. I Spy Quilt

I participated in Wendy and Meredith’s I Spy Swap and got the squares back last Saturday. 20 people sent in 20 squares of 10 different fabrics (so 200 squares each). Meredith did a great job sending back 200 individual squares to each person to make into their own I Spy projects. I decided to make mine into two quilts for when my nieces and nephews come over. I’m using this tutorial. I think I’m going to double the size of the quilt, so I’m making 15 4 patch squares in pink, 15 squares in yellow, 15 squares in green and 15 squares in teal for one quilt. I’ll figure the next quilt out after I’ve accomplished one. I’m going to use probably 50 or 60 of the 200 novelty squares to do the I Spy with.

Last night I started working on the squares.

I started with these strips cut out

and then I ended last night with 9 squares of the pink. I promise its hot pink in person.

Just 51 more squares to go!

3. My husband’s cousin’s daughter is turning one in September. She has a cute little shirt that says Miss September on it and a tutu of many colors and asked me to make a hairbow for her to wear. I’m going for this look but on a crochet headband. I just need to get the tulle and we are good to go!

4. A Binder cover to hold all my tutorials on my to do list. I’m using this tutorial on Moda Bake Shop’s blog

5. My host of Christmas presents for my parents, grandparents, siblings, nieces, nephews, friends, aunts, cousins…. so many to do and only FOUR MONTHS from yesterday to get it all accomplished!

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